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We offer twelve night and eight night fully guided tours of what many consider to be the most beautiful and exciting climbing destination in the world. Designed to give you a good flavor of what South East Asia has to offer.


Watch our Thailand video here: Rock & Sun Sport Climbing Holiday Thailand.


Rock Climbing in Thailand


For close to thirty years Thailand has been the tropical sport climbing destination of choice. This is where it all began the first of the exotic, Far East climbing destinations and still considered by many to be the best!


Southern Thailand is a must visit destination for any sport climber with a sense of adventure and an interest in experiencing other cultures. Koh Phi Phi then Railay and Tonsai is where it all began comprising remote islands and peninsulas cut off by imposing limestone cliffs and dense jungle making the approach often only possible by boat. Thailand is a climbing paradise consisting of classic three dimensional climbing on pocketed limestone walls, towers and caves often dripping in tufas and flow-stone formations.


Many climbs begin straight from golden sandy beaches or directly out of the ocean requiring a traditional long tail boat or kayak approach. The jungle crags could have you rubbing shoulders with monkeys, gibbons or monitor lizards and it is not uncommon to spot dolphins, sea eagles, kingfishers, turtles or flying fish while gazing down from belay ledges on multi pitch routes or during boat trips between the many islands.



This winter - Special Guest Coach - TIM EMMETT


Tim Emmett is coming out to Thailand this winter and you can take this opportunity to climb with him! Be inspired by his fearless, wild, enthusiastic and adventurous nature and learn from his climbing technique; he has climbed some of the hardest routes in the world. Tim will be joining Rock & Sun as a Guest Coach for half of each of the trips starting on December 17th and January 6th.


"If you want to go on one of the coolest guided climbing trips of your life, come and join us in Thailand this coming winter. I'm teaming up with Trevor Eugene Massiah and Rock and Sun as the guest coach on two trips. Thailand is my favourite place in the world, I love it so much I've been there 5 times, and even met Katie my wife there too. I'm not promising you'll meet your future spouse but I can guarantee a trip you'll remember forever. We will be visiting the infamous Tonsai and Railay beach for a day but most of the trip with be at a new location near Ao Nang and also the ultimate island getaway - Lao Liang. I went diving off Lao Liang on Christmas day a few years ago and saw two huge Manta Rays. The island itself is pristine and surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water, often teaming with fish and the climbing and DWS there is fun too. There are kayaks and the snorkelling is also superb, and you DON'T need to wear a wetsuit." Tim Emmett.


Rock Climbing Travel Insurance


We recommend:


Rock Climbing Travel Insurance



Get in Touch with the dates you want!!

If booking online less than 2 weeks before the holiday dates, then please speak to a member of the team first to check flight details. Many thanks the Rock and Sun team.



After your international flight into Bangkok, you will take a domestic flight into Trang airport. This is where you will be picked up by our driver and after a 30 - 40 minute drive you will arrive at the coast. From here your adventure begins! A 45-60 minute trip on a traditional wooden long tail boat will transport you to the island paradise of Koh Lao Liang.


Koh Lao Liang 4 nights:


This idyllic small island resort is less than two kilometers in length. The accommodation is in the form of double room frame tents pitched under tree cover and never more than 25m from the beach with full power, lighting and fans - most people would describe this as glamping rather than camping! The catering is excellent and is full board buffet style for all meals. There is a bar on the beach with lounging areas and hammocks nearby. The bar operates an honesty system during the day and bar staff serve cocktails, beers and soft drinks in the evening (you won’t need your wallet until it’s time to settle your bar bill at the end of your stay).


The island has been developed as a climbing destination by your climbing guides and has been developed within the past 8-9 years, so no polish and no crowds! Being 16-18km from the mainland, it has an off the beaten track, exclusive feel to it. There are rarely more than 20 climbers staying at any one time and there is an abundance of routes in the lower grades, straight off the squeaky clean golden sands. The climbing is in the sun until 11am making this the perfect place to relax and get over your jet lag. Mornings usually consist of relaxing in the sun, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking or fishing. After some more relaxing and lunch, we'll be climbing some of the best routes in Thailand in the afternoon. With the majority of the climbing being less than two minutes walking distance from your tent, a full days climbing can be had even when starting after mid-day.


If you're interested in climbing on Koh Lao Liang (non guided) then follow this link: Climbing on Koh Lao Liang


Ao nang 8 nights:


Ao nang is a seaside resort that is situated close to the main climbing areas of Tonsai and Railay. Both being less than 15 minutes by boat, these two areas have become the most popular over the last 20 years and although sometimes very busy they are home to some incredible climbs - many of which have become established classics of the continent. Both will be visited as day excursions. In recent years new climbing areas have been developed on the out skirts of Ao nang - our guides will use their local knowledge to steer you away from the crowds and queues while enjoying the best they have to offer. Most of the local climbing comes into the sun at around 2pm so are morning venues - leaving you plenty of time to enjoy what Ao nang has to offer from its abundant choice of restaurants, cafes, and bars (with plenty of live music playing in the evenings). It is also the perfect place to visit local markets, take Thai cookery lessons, book a diving course or just have a relaxing massage on the beach.


Koh Phi Phi or Koh Yao Noi (optional day excursion):


Koh Phi Phi is an incredibly beautiful island it has been the back drop for numerous movies - most notably The Beach. This has led to the island becoming hugely popular with tourists and as a result not such a great place to stay - but it does have some fantastic climbing. It is possible to catch a morning ferry from Ao nang to get an afternoon’s climbing in. Perhaps worth the trip just for the scenery from the boat trip alone.


Koh Yao Noi is another of the newer destinations. From Ao nang a 45 min drive to a small pier where a long tail boat can be taken directly to the climbing on this sleepy mainly Muslim island. Many of the crags have to be approached by boat often involving climbing directly out of the boat to access the climbing. An overnight stay is also possible on this island.



An unforgettable experience


During your trip you will be waking up on the beach or perhaps in the jungle, to the sound of the howling Brown Horn-bill. Maybe you'll have a dip in the ocean at sunrise prior to a leisurely breakfast, followed by a spot of sun lounging or kayaking and a leisurely stroll down the beach for an afternoon of climbing. These are just some of the things that make Thailand a very special climbing destination. Also the people are considered amongst the happiest and friendliest in the world - one of Thailand's other names being; "the land of smiles". The climbing in the most part is super convenient meaning that you can get a full days climbing in and still leave plenty of time for the abundance of other things that you may want to enjoy during your holiday such as: Snorkeling, Kayaking, Thai cooking lessons Scuba diving or a relaxing massage all of which you will find very reasonably priced compared to European or western prices.



Your Climbing Instructor


Your in-country guide, Trevor Massiah, has been climbing and developing climbing areas and routes in Thailand and other places for over twenty years. It will be his job to make sure you get the best of what is on offer. Trevor and his team will ensure that you avoid the crowds and areas that may be considered spoilt, and instead guide you to the best of the classics, the newly developed areas and secret spots. They will allow you to relax and enjoy your trip of a lifetime, ensuring the most taxing thing that you might have to do is choose a fantastic Thai meal from the menu - and even this will be made easier with their help! If you decide to stay on longer, private guided climbing is available - please get in touch and ask for more details.


Find out more about Rock & Sun Climbing Holidays in Thailand


Watch our Thailand video here: Rock & Sun Sport Climbing Holiday Thailand


Lao Liang - the Last Climbing Paradise


With Rock & Sun in Thailand - A truly memorable trip


Review: Climbing Holiday in Thailand with Rock & Sun


Chong Phli Bungalows


Top five spots for rock climbing holidays in Thailand


Recommended Personal Kit List


  1. Climbing Shoes, Harness and Helmet - see below for links to cheap kit!
  2. One screw gate and a sling
  3. Good sandals are essential for approaches (Teva type - not flipflops)
  4. Trainers - if not happy jungle hiking in Teva's
  5. 2 pairs of climbing shoes if you have them (one comfy pair – we may go Deep water soloing and your feet swell in hot climates)
  6. Chalk bag / Liquid chalk
  7. Sun hat and sunglasses
  8. Good sun block - read our section on climbing in the sun
  9. Head torch - Alpkit do a very good head torch at a great price
  10. Camel packs for water very useful (especially ones with wide lids)
  11. All the usual insect sprays and stuff you will be able to buy out there if struggling for space - same goes for soap, shampoo, tooth paste and other toiletries - you can buy most things in Aonang (but not in Laoilang)
  12. Long trousers and shirt with long sleeves for evenings
  13. Mosquito net - but only if you already own one, it’s not essential
  14. Sleeping bag liner useful but not essential
  15. You can buy the Thailand guidebook in Thailand for a much better price than you can find online, plus the income goes straight into the bolting fund Thaitanium Project
  16. Passport (Full Passport with minimum 6 months’ validity) Note – if extending your trip and staying more than 30 days you will need a visa
  17. Personal Accident & Travel insurance details
  18. Large climbing bag / rucsac at least 40 liters
  19. Long & short trousers suitable for climbing in
  20. Travel towel
  21. Sense of humor!


Shopping For Essentials

It’s easy to buy stuff in Ao Nang as long as you have enough for the first 4 days if staying on the island of Lao Liang – please note there are no shops on Lao Liang. Most of you will have time at the airports and in Trang waiting for others to arrive to catch up on a bit of shopping if needed.


Climbing Kit


For this rock climbing holiday we recommend that you have your own:

Climbing Shoes

Dick's Climbing is a dedicated climbing shop that offers a large range of climbing equipment and shoes at good prices.


Our customers say

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