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About Rock & Sun

  • Why choose Rock & Sun?

    Loyal and valued customers have been coming back time and time again because we provide an unrivalled quality of service; from the equipment provided to our highly experienced and qualified instructors. We work with low instructor ratios to maximise your experience and everything you book (in the UK or overseas) comes with comprehensive financial protection with the TTA (Travel Trust Association). Rock & Sun have been providing quality rock climbing courses, rock climbing holidays and guided climbing for over 10 years and are well established as the market leader, both in the UK and overseas.

  • Is my booking with Rock & Sun financially protected?

    Yes it is. Rock & Sun is a member of the TTA (Travel Trust Association) providing full financial protection resulting from any failure of Rock & Sun or of any of our suppliers.

Climbing Experience

  • Do I need my own climbing equipment?

    No, we can supply all the equipment you need. If you have your own then you can of course use it if you would like. The only equipment we do not supply is climbing shoes, however these are not needed for taster sessions and not essential for introduction courses.

  • Do I need any climbing experience?

    No experience is needed to climb with Rock & Sun. If you are new to climbing then come on holiday and do the Introducton to Climbing course! If you are unsure which is the best course or holiday for you then please get in touch and we will find the best course or holiday to suit your experience and abilities.

  • Will I get a certificate of qualification when completing a Rock & Sun course?

    There are no qualifications for personal outdoor rock climbing. You will therefore not get a certificate after joining a Rock & Sun course or holiday. However, what you learn on Rock & Sun courses and holidays will obviously build your knowledge and confidence in the key disciplines of rock climbing. If you are unsure which is the best course or holiday for you then please get in touch and we will find the best course or holiday to suit your experience and abilities.


  • As a returning customer, do I get a discount?

    The majority of you don’t just come and do one thing with us – you come back for more! We love that. It means we must be doing something right – or a lot right! But we also love it because we’ve got to know some of you so well.
    From 1 September 2013, any new bookings qualify for our brand new Loyalty Discount Scheme. Simplicity is the name of the game here:
    In any 12 month period (from 1 September) if you purchase
    - 1 holiday or course - you will get 5% discount on the second holiday or course
    - 2 holidays or courses - you will get 10% discount on the third holiday or course
    - 3 holidays or courses - you will get 15% discount on the fourth holiday or course in that twelve month period- and qualify for 10% discount on all subsequent holidays or courses – for ever and ever, AMEN!

  • How do I qualify for the Rock & Sun Loyalty Discount Scheme?

    To qualify for discounts on your 2nd, 3rd or 4th Rock& Sun climbing course or holiday, your purchase dates must fall within a twelve month period. It doesn’t matter if the course or holiday you book for falls outside this period. Bookings with discounts cannot be taken online, so please call 02033 900 351 and Lesley will process it direct. Please remember - ultimately, it's up to you to claim your discount - we are unable to issue it retrospectively.

  • Does Rock & Sun offer group discounts?

    Yes we do. Rock & Sun are highly experienced in providing bespoke group adventure travel to a wide variety of groups, from schools and colleges to families to military or corporate; you'll find the greatest experience with Rock & Sun. It really is quite simple, if you are booking 5 or more places on any Rock & Sun course or holiday you'll get a discount if booking online. The discounts you'll receive off your entire booking are: 5 people - 5%, 10 people - 10%, and a large group booking can get up to 15% off. Please call us now or send an online enquiry and we will work with you to make your experience unforgettable.


  • Are flights included?

    No, flights are not included in the package price. Included in all of our holidays and courses outside the UK are: airport transfers, all transport to and from the crags during the week, accommodation, guiding, and use of climbing equipment. The sport climbing holiday in Thailand is half-board, so also includes most meals.

  • Are airport transfers included?

    Yes, for most of our holidays and courses outside the UK, airport transfers are included in the package price (except for Kalymnos). All you need to do is book a flight within the free transfer hours. When you arrive at the airport in your destination country, your instructor or a taxi driver will be there to pick you up and take you to your accommodation. For suggested arrival and departure times, please refer to our Enquiry Packs or Contact us for more information.

  • Can you help me finding a cheap flight?

    Yes we can. We will share what we've learnt from booking flights all over the world on a regular basis.
    First of all, we advise to use skyscanner.com. This website not only compares flights from different airlines, it also shows a bar graph in which you can compare the cost of the flights on different dates, which is very useful if you're flexible with your dates.
    Another useful feature on skyscanner.com is searching for 'nearby airports'. If you are flexible to fly out of f.i. Bristol or Cardiff, it will compare all flights departing from both these airports in one go.
    Then, we have found that the more often you search for flights on one specific device, the more the price will go up. You can save money by doing all your searching and comparing on one device, make a decision on which flight you are going to buy, and then use a different device to make the booking.
    Furthermore, when booking a long haul flight, to Thailand for instance, it can work out a lot cheaper to take an indirect flight, or even to add a short haul flight to your direct long haul flight, making the total itinerary into an indirect one. As an example, just booking the direct flight with British Airways from London to Bangkok can work out more expensive than the itinerary 'Alicante - Madrid; Madrid - London Heathrow; London Heathrow - Bangkok', which uses the exact same direct long haul flight with British Airways, but then in combination with two short haul flights. So it is worth trying to make your direct flight into an indirect flight by adding a short haul flight to the booking.
    Finally, when travelling to Alicante from a non-European destination, it is worth considering to have a stop-over in London, Madrid or Barcelona. Those cities have big international airports that are served by many airlines for long-haul flights, whereas Alicante is not. From London, Madrid or Barcelona there are many low cost airlines that fly to Alicante.

Single Travellers

  • Does it matter if I'm travelling alone?

    No, you are more than welcome to come on a climbing course or holiday by yourself. With rock climbing you always need a climbing partner. This may be a friend with whom you share a passion for climbing, or - as is more often the case -, you will be climbing with other people who came by themselves. Rock climbing is great for making friends and lots of people travel independently. If your climbing partners can't take time off, or if they for other reasons can't or don't want to go on a climbing trip when you do, then just come on a Rock & Sun holiday and climb with us!

  • Can I get a single room?

    Accommodation is included in Rock & Sun courses and holidays abroad on a maximum ratio of 2:1. If you come on a trip by yourself, we expect you to share a room with someone from the same gender as you. However, if you prefer to have a room to yourself, please get in touch with the Rock & Sun office to ask about the possibility of the single room supplement or simply add the single room supplement to your online booking.

Other Questions

  • Do I need insurance?

    Yes, you will need insurance that covers you for rock climbing. When buying travel insurance for a rock climbing / extreme sports holiday, it can be hard to find a policy that covers you for everything. At Rock & Sun we have for many years directed people to Protectivty Insurance - because they have time and again proved themselves to provide the best rock climbing insurance that we've come across. Whether you're on a rock climbing holiday in Europe or the rest of the world, Protectivity Insurance can provide you with a dependable travel and sport insurance package.

  • Are there any age restrictions?

    Children under 18 years old need to be accompanied by an adult.

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Rock & Sun provide quality rock climbing holidays, courses and Private Guiding. All services are tailored and designed to suit your individual experience and aspirations. Email us or call +44 (0)2033 900 351

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