The Rock & Sun Loyalty Discount Scheme


The majority of you don’t just come and do one thing with us – you come back for more! We love that.

It means we must be doing something right – or a lot right! But we also love it because we’ve got to know some of you so well.

The advantage of a small company such as Rock & Sun is that you are more than a booking reference number to us! So we give you a structured loyalty discount scheme - something you don't need to negotiate - it's just there, for YOU...


So Here's The Deal...


In any 12 month period if you purchase a holiday or course:

- you will get 5% discount on the 2nd holiday or course booked in that twelve month period

- you will get 10% discount on the 3rd holiday or course booked in that twelve month period

- you will get 15% discount on the 4th holiday or course booked in that twelve month period - AND you qualify for 10% discount on all subsequent holidays or courses – for ever and ever, AMEN!



How do you Qualify for our Rock Climbing Holiday Scheme


To qualify for our loyalty discounts, your purchase dates must fall within a twelve month period. Note that it doesn’t matter if the dates of the course or holiday you book are outside this 12 month period.

Bookings with discounts cannot be taken online, so please call Lesley when you're ready and she will process it direct.

Please remember - ultimately, it's up to you to claim your discount - we are unable to issue it retrospectively.


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