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Get a Taste of Rock Climbing Outdoors


Rock climbing is a fun, exciting sport! This one-day taster is intended to give you an amazing climbing experience, with sufficient insight to help you decide whether it's a thrill you're likely to get hooked on. On this day, the aim of our qualified and experienced instructors is not to teach you too much about the technical side of climbing, but rather to guide you through the basics of rock climbing outdoors, and to get as much climbing done as you want.


Not enough time to do a one-day Climbing Taster with Rock and Sun? Then we recommend our UK Outdoor partner Undercover Rock who offer 2/3 hour Outdoor Taster Sessions in the Avon Gorge (evenings) and Wyndcliff Quarry (Saturdays).


Read more about the adventurous sport of Outdoor Rock Climbing in this article: "Be your own action hero".


Where next?


After having had a first try at rock climbing outdoors during a rock climbing taster day, you might like to learn how to climb on your own - independent of an instructor. The next step towards that would be to take the 2-day Introduction to Climbing course with Rock and Sun - and allow us to teach you the essential basics of rock climbing (or you might choose to start with this course straight away).


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Our customers say

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  • rock climbing taster experience


    Wye Valley 14th Oct - 14th Oct

    Rock climbing is a fun, exciting sport! This one-day taster will give you an amazing climbing experience to remember.

    Includes 1 day guided/instructed climbing | Max. instructor : client ratio is 1 : 6

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