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Malta is the latest addition to Rock & Sun's climbing destinations. It is a top destination for rock climbing holidays, mainly because of its unpolished limestone rock, peaceful and quiet crags, warm climate, blue, tideless seas and its picturesque landscapes. Come out with us and enjoy it before the rest of the world discovers this unique climbing gem!


Rock climbing in Malta

Rock climbing in Malta and Gozo was started by the British forces stationed on the island as far back as 1944! In the 60s and 70s a host of new routes were established by the Royal Marine Commandoes stationed on the island. Routes continued to go up throughout the 80s and 90s including the iconic 'Motorcycle Route' called Motorphycho. In 1996 one of our guides, Andrew Warrington, established the Malta Rock Climbing Club (MRCC). In 2005 he set up the MTA-MRCC Bolting Project which was the first large scale project to install sport routes on the islands. Since then the sport has grown rapidly and today there are 650 sport routes across the grade range from 4b – 8c. The local climbing community work with a passion to establish and maintain these routes and added a profusion of new ones.


The Maltese islands now offer a good mixture of sports and traditional rock climbing on the great quality coralline limestone rock outcrops where most of the climbs are established. With over 65% of Malta’s coastline consisting of cliffs and rocky inlets, the potential for climbing is huge. The comprehensive mix of grades on both single and multi-pitch routes at the rugged coastline, on inland valleys, caves and ridges provide some spectacular views! Surprisingly the crags on Malta are very quiet as there are few local climbers - there's virtually no polish and no waiting at the crags...for now. Come out with us and enjoy it before the rest of the world discovers this unique climbing gem!


Weather & Climate in Malta

The Maltese Islands consist of 3 inhabited islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino. The last stop between North Africa and Sicily, these islands are the most southerly European country, making Malta an ideal year round rock venue. The ideal time to visit is from October through to June as the summer can be uncomfortably hot, particularly on the south facing cliffs.


Accommodation in Malta

Your accommodation will be self catering, based in a spacious, 3-storey villa with swimming pool just outside St. Julian’s. You will be sharing the villa with like minded people, all out to explore the adventurous side of the Maltese islands.

The atmosphere here is relaxed, comfortable and welcoming. Rooms are bright and well finished, most with ensuite facilities, some with air conditioning. The communal areas are a great place to meet and there is plenty of space to chill, both inside and out. The villa is within 10 minutes walking distance of the nearest beach and centre of entertainment.


Kit list for your climbing trip to Malta

For this rock climbing holiday we recommend that you have your own:

Climbing Shoes

Dick's Climbing is a dedicated climbing shop that offers a large range of climbing equipment and shoes at good prices.



Rock Climbing Travel Insurance


We recommend:


Rock Climbing Travel Insurance



Get in Touch with the dates you want!!


If booking online with less than 2 weeks before the holiday dates, then please speak to a member of the team first to check flight details. Many thanks the Rock and Sun team.

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