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Rock & Sun has a fantastic choice of high quality rock climbing destinations all over the world. Whatever the time of year, whatever your ability level, there's a perfect climbing destination just waiting for you!


We will tailor your rock climbing course or holiday to your own specific and unique development needs so that you get the very most from your experience. Browse through our destinations to see what's on offer. If you have any questions, please give us a call or submit an enquiry.




  Rock climbing holidays and courses in the UK

The UK is a world-class climbing country that provides an extensive playground for rock climbers of all abilities and disciplines; a perfect place to learn, practice and improve your climbing skills.


Experience climbing at the best climbing areas the UK offers, from the limestone sea cliffs in Swanage (the Jurassic Coast), up to the gritstone escarpment ridges of the Peak District.


Wye Valley | Portland | Pembroke | Peak District | More...




  Rock climbing holidays and courses in Spain

With its perfect climbing conditions and an incredible number of quality crags, Spain has become Europe's premier rock climbing country.


There's a great variety of rock climbing areas in Spain and new areas are being developed all the time. Many of the more popular and established crags are located close to main tourist areas and coastal cities.


Costa Blanca | Mallorca | Albarracin | | More... 




  Rock climbing holidays and courses in Greece

Greece is a revelation for the climbing adventurer as a land of hidden rock opportunities and idyllic isolated vertical landscapes.


There are numerous islands to hop between and the island of Kalymnos is by far the most suitable and popular for climbing, with about 2,700 routes on solid limestone.







Thailand brings together all that is great about climbing; beautiful surroundings, hot sun, warm seas, welcoming culture and world class climbing.


This may be a once in a lifetime climbing location for many climbers so go there with Rock & Sun to make the absolute most of this breathtaking experience.






Malta is the latest addition to Rock & Sun's climbing destinations. Come out with us and enjoy it before the rest of the world discovers this unique climbing gem!


Malta offers a comprehensive mix of grades on both single and multi-pitch routes at the rugged coastline, on inland valleys, caves and ridges.





  Rock climbing holidays and courses in Morocco

Morocco is a country of a thousand different and incredible faces. Palm groves extend to snow-capped mountains and infinite deserts lie seemingly immobile before transforming into long sandy beaches.


For those of you with a thirst for adventure, this destination is a must.


Todra Gorge




  Rock climbing holidays and courses in Italy

Sardinia's dramatic cliffs and gorges provide exhilarating and often challenging opportunities for rock climbers. 


There are many established sport climbing crags across the island, most of which are single pitch.






  Rock climbing holidays and courses in France

France is a venue for world class climbing, from the bouldering forests of Fontainebleau to steep cliffs, gorges and mountains in Haute Provence.


Coupled with the excellent wine, food and scenery, France is a great place for a rock climbing holiday.


Fontainebleau | Haute Provence

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